Digital Transformation

We provide strategic Digital Transformation services that assist business leaders achieve new levels of competitive advantage. We help you deliver results including digital strategy roadmaps, solution envisioning and design, operations modernization, and customer experience overhauls.

Digital disruption is a threat to every business in every industry. Transform your organization to stay ahead of rapidly-changing industry demands. We help you identify and harness technology that drives transformation – specifically bringing data, cloud and mobile technologies together to transform business processes.

We help you investigate your legacy applications and processes to ensure they are modern, efficient, and useful. We also provide consulting services to help you envision new applications including the latest mobile-first, high-performance, data-intensive, and cloud-based applications.


Web accessibility is the ability for everyone being able to use the internet, regardless of their condition. We strongly believe in transforming accessibility needs using digital techniques and enforcing practices to standardize accessibility in product development, and to enable persons with disabilities to gain access to web content seamlessly.

There are many scenarios that can be considered under web accessing issues such as keyboard tab not allowing user to reach the option and enter key not allowing to open the page or make the functionality work. These scenarios too add to the list. And the list is exhaustive

Data Intelligence

In today’s data-driven business environment, effective use of data is key to business success. We believe in transforming complex business problems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our solutions approach is to use AI, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to initiate innovative solutions that drive business growth.

People Tech helps you to connect to your data from various sources then applying Artificial Intelligence extract insights and drive process improvements. We help you deliver data-driven insight to the right people at the right moment in time.

Enterprise Software

With the advent of Enterprise Applications, businesses across the world have seen a sea change in the perception of the term Optimization. Leveraging the multitude of features offered by the these suites of applications, businesses can derive greater ROI and performance from the same resources of time, people and materials.

People Tech helps you unleash the power of the of your ERP instance. Drawing expertise gathered over years of experience implementing, customizing, upgrading, and managing instances People Tech offers a holistic Oracle E-Business Suite service offering that puts you in the driver’s seat of your IT initiatives.

People Tech’s Enterprise Application Services offering helps you keep your instances up-to-date and in ship shape, with its precision driven services that encompass the entire lifecycle of the application.

Cloud Services

Gone are the days of private datacenters running off-the-shelf software and giant monolithic code bases that you updated once a year. Everything has changed. Whether it is moving to the cloud, migrating between clouds, modernizing legacy or building new apps and data structure, the desired results are always the same ‐ speed. The faster you can move the more success you will have as a company.

Cloud Service



We’ve worked with over a thousand clients world-wide.



Over the year’s we’ve won over a dozen awards such as Service Provider of the Year, Microsoft Partner Awards, Design awards, Best of eGovernment award and one we are most proud of Best Company to Work For.



Strength in numbers with nearly two thousand employees worldwide with the skills needed to help our customers succeed.



We partner with some of the best in the business, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Gartner and Cisco to deliver superior solutions to our customers.